Manual J, S and D Calculations

IACL is now generating Manual J, S and D reports for permitting as a new service for HVAC companies, builders and contractors. These HVAC reports are now required by the 2015 Energy Code and Building Codes (IRC and IBC). We have a mechanical Engineer on staff to assist in generating our Manual J, S and D reports. Our plan reviewers can take a set of plans, collect the project information and generate these reports for permit submission and system design. We strive to have the reports generated within 72 hours to provide timely bids and submissions. All reports will include a Manual J, S and D reports for the property and include 1 revision for minor changes.

2015 International Energy Code

The DFW municipalities all moved to the 2015 International Energy Code (IECC) a few years ago and are planning to go to a modified version of the 2018 IECC. All new projects are having to meet this new code to be permitted, inspected and tested. As an HVAC contractor, you, your technicians and your company need to be ready to meet this new code. We would like to help!

Manual J, S and D reports

  • Manual J reports are Heat Load Calculations for the property. When all energy components were standardize, the heat load calculation were pretty simple. The standard was 1 ton of A/C per 1000 square feet. As tighter structures were built, more efficient windows were installed and higher R value wall and ceiling insulation values were used, the tonnage per square foot started to fall. On new houses built under the 2015 IECC, we are seeing 1 ton per 450 square feet. That is 1/2 the A/C load that was place in houses just 20 years ago.
  • Manual S reports are for HVAC sizing. To efficiently design a system, you want it to be able to meet and slightly exceed all designed heat and cooling loads. If you are too small, then people will not be cool in the house during the summer. This is a guaranteed call back during the summer. If the system is too large, then mold and high humidity from short cycling become an issue. The Manual S reports establish a good middle ground to help with correctly sizing the system.
  • Manual D reports are for duct sizing and layouts. This report will size the ducts to make sure there is adequate air flow to each room and make sure that there is adequate capacity. It even provides a list of duct sizes and lengths to help with estimating.
  • Duct pressurization testing is now required by the energy code, even on change outs in some municipalities. The current standard for leakage is 4 CFM per 100 square feet (4%). That means mastic duct connections, sealed boots to the ceilings and plenums at the air handler. We run a depressurixed test on the systemsand then can run a pressure smoke test to help determine the source of leaks.

You may order your Dallas manual J, S and D reports by calling our office and then submit digital copies of your plans to for a quick turnaround and get that bid or permit out quickly and easily. Call the office to verify that plans were sent at 940-891-3803. Each report is professionally prepared using ACCA 183 Standard software by our Mechanical Engineer based on the plans provided

Duct Pressurization Testing

Infrared – A Closer Look Inc. performs Duct Pressurization testing, Blower Door testing and Energy Code Inspections under your energy code in the DFW area. We also can generate Manual J, S and D reports for your project bids and permits. We would like to take a minute to introduce our company and services to you so you can take advantage of our expertise and educational programs in you designing, installing and passing required Energy Code testing.

2015 International Energy Code Training

Infrared – A Closer Look (IACL) has been performing energy inspections in the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 8 years. Jim Hemsell has been a Resnet HERS Rater since 1998 and a TREC Home Inspector since 1982. All of our code inspectors are ICC certified. They are Resnet HERS Rater or BPI certified for pressure testing. Our inspectors are also certified as Infrared Thermographers to help provide you with solution oriented inspections and testing. Knowledge and experience is the key to diagnosing and resolving problems when it comes to the new energy codes. IACL can met all your energy inspection, testing and diagnostic needs.

Our office number is 940-891-3803. Please let us be your resource in this busy and competitive market.

Texas IR Fever Scans

Accurate Fever Screening is about Thermal Resolution and good procedures. Check our website out to learn how to protect your workers, students and visitors from COVID-19.